Laura Le

Meet Laura, a happy Anatomy Bootcamp customer who recently aced her anatomy practical exams. I've asked Laura to share her experience in anatomy with us as the featured student of January.

How did you use Anatomy Bootcamp to prepare for your anatomy course?

Anatomy was an obstacle for me from the beginning of medical school because I did not take anatomy during my undergraduate like my other classmates. So when everyone had a basic understanding of anatomy, I was completely lost.

After not doing so well on my first exam, I started researching and found out about Anatomy Bootcamp! I was so amazed by the explanation videos they had on their website, they were easy to understand and had such high yield information. That's when I bought the subscription and did not regret the investment! I would watch the videos that Anatomy Bootcamp posted about the region we were learning about prior to the lectures to help understand a general overview of what I was getting myself into. These videos also had a lot of tips in them to remember certain muscles, blood vessels, etc. Then I would go to class and use my notes to fill in the details.

After I got a good understanding of the material I would do the practice questions / cadaver pictures that Anatomy Bootcamp provided to help me consolidate the information. The cadaver pictures were such a good tool to use when studying for the practical! I went from barely passing my practical to acing them! Therefore from personal experience, Anatomy Bootcamp does truly help!

What was the #1 thing about Anatomy Bootcamp that you think students will love?

The #1 thing about Anatomy Bootcamp that I think students will love is the PRACTICE! Anatomy Bootcamp went above and beyond with their practice questions / cadaver pictures. They use multiple HD photos of the same region to make sure you understand what you're looking at from multiple angles. This is extremely helpful, especially today when most of our classes are online and some schools have even changed to online practicals.

Not only do they provide an abundant question bank, but they also have videos to supplement the questions. These videos explain to you how they got the answer and help reiterate the high yield information.

What advice do you have for students beginning their first year of medical school?

My advice to first-year medical students is that it's tough but you can do it! You're going to have to adapt. It's definitely going to be different from what you're used to but that's OK. I had to change my way of studying for medical school. It's going to take trial and error to figure out your "ideal" study habits but take advantage of your resources and ask for help. The help can be from upperclassmen, professors, etc but just don't be afraid to reach out. You're not alone!

Laura Le, OMS1

Arkansas College Of Osteopathic Medicine


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